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The 18 for 2020

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Golf deserves a list of the most exciting young players in the world, and this is the Left A Few Out There attempt at doing so.

Having watched hundreds (maybe thousands?) of rounds of golf, studied leaderboards, gauged the opinions of others, read everything that I could, reviewed data and then picked through it again, I’ve tried to get a balanced, fair and global understanding of who has the potential to take on the best golfers in the world over the next 12 months.

There were only two rules when looking players to be on the list. They have to have been born on or after 1st January 1994 and never been inside the top 100 of either the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings or Official World Golf Rankings. Sorry, Hinako Shibuno and Viktor Hovland.

Some of the other names are no brainers – Esther Henseleit and Rasmus Højgaard should be known to many of you thanks to their wins in the last few weeks. But players like Diksha Dagar and Doug Ghim may not. I’m quietly confident all will play well enough in 2020 to justify their inclusion.

For now its names only, no narrative. This is the watch list for the next 12 months. There might be an update or two along the way, though I hope you’ll be much better acquainted with several before I have to tell you about them. Just take note of the names and keep an eye out as 2020 could really special for a few.

And without further ado, here it is. Nine men and nine women. The 18 for 2020: the best young players in the world – according to me – right now.

The 18 for 2020

Albane Valenzuela22Switzerland
Andrea Lee20USA
Cole Hammer20USA
Curtis Luck23Australia
Diksha Dagar19India
Doug Ghim23USA
Esther Henseleit20Germany
Hank Lebioda25USA
Kristoffer Ventura24Norway
Leona Maguire25Ireland
Maria Fassi21Mexico
Matthew Jordan24England
Muni He20China
Olivia Cowan23Germany
Patty Tavatanakit20Thailand
Rasmus Højgaard18Denmark
Richard Mansell24England
Takumi Kanaya22Japan
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